Best Instant Face Lift Reviews

Instant Facelifts

Instant facelifts can achieve instant results without any surgery, scarring or pain. There are no ugly side effects and no need for general or local anesthetic. Instant facelift procedures are as quick as 3 minutes and refer to any procedure to treat the signs of aging that is fast, effective and surgery-free. Instant facelifts can refer to anti-aging serums, heating lasers (thermage facelift) or facelift tape. The costs of the best instant facelifts will be much cheaper than a surgical facelift and will depend on which aesthetic clinic is used for the procedure and the type of procedure received.

Anti-aging or Face Lift Serum

Anti-aging or face lift serums work by actually tightening and toning the skin to return the skin to the way it was years before it lost its natural moisture and developed the memory effect of creases and wrinkles. Many face lift serums or creams can help to more permanently remove wrinkles over time by nourishing the skin with peptides and antioxidants which encourages new skin growth. Face lift creams can work within minutes and can be used regularly to maintain results. A 30ml bottle of face lift cream can cost around £25 in the UK with 100ml costing in the region of £85.

Thermage Face Lift

A thermage face lift uses radio frequencies to heat deep layers of collagen helping them to reorganize and strengthen. This promotes collagen re-growth and helps to restore a more youthful appearance. Side effects are unusual although some patients report a slight swelling that is temporary in nature and usually subsides within a week. Results include visible tightening of the skin, softening of acne scarring and reduction of fine lines.

Face Lift Tape

Using face lift tape can be an immediate and cheap solution to achieving very temporary face lift effects. A string is secured on either side of the face with tape and the string is then pulled over the head to lift sagging skin and smooth away wrinkles. The tape is meant to be hidden under the hair line although careful hairstyle choice is required in order to properly conceal the string and tape. Face lift tape is a great option for a specific event or function and can be found from under £20 from most reputable suppliers in the UK. With all of the instant face lift options available, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and your expectations in the short and long term.


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